The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Doctors and Scientists agree that treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease will be most effective in the earliest stages of the disease. But currently, Alzheimer’s Disease can’t be detected until long after significant damage to the brain has occurred.  TNeuroPharma is developing a T-Track Biomarker that identifies Alzheimer’s patients before brain damage has occurred. This will allow for the testing of drugs that prevent Alzheimer’s.

The T-Track Biomarker identification will also allow doctors to monitor the efficacy of drugs in real time. This can cut hundreds of millions of dollars from drug development costs, decades of time and potentially lead to pharmaceutical breakthroughs in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). By targeting dysfunctional T-cells, TNeuroPharma’s biomarker technology can enable early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s – allowing for more effective clinical trials of confirmed AD patients.

We provide pharmaceutical companies with that “missing piece”

technology to evaluate biomarkers in blood from normal all the way through the AD continuum

Innovative biomarker kit

for pharmaceutical companies performing AD clinical trials

Less-invasive, more cost-effective technology

allows for broader screening for the early detection of AD -- vital in the development of drug treatments to specifically target, and effectively treat, confirmed AD patients

Uniquely targets T-Cells

and looks at dysfunctional T-Cells as they enter the brain (which happens before Amyloid Beta and Tau accumulation, the previous area of study)

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